Universal Production-Transport Complex

On December 27th, 1973 the first handling complex was put into operation; its main purpose was logs transshipment. Initially the Complex was designed to handle various bulk and general cargo. Today the Complex specializes in clamshell coal transshipment; its production capacity is over 5 mln. tons per year.


The Universal handling complex of JSC «Vostochny Port» is furnished with equipment and machinery made by the leading Japanese, European and Russian manufacturers. Specialized machinery fleet includes 13 gantry cranes, 3 loading bridges, and also travelling loaders, loader trucks, bulldozers and others. Loading is performed at four berths of almost 800 m total length of mooring wall. Depth allows receiving vessels of 70 thousand tons deadweight.  The area of coal outdoor storage is 107072   square meters. Simultaneous storage of 250 000 tons of coal product is possible if 4 transshipment programs are arranged.