The third stage of a specialized coal production and handling complex

Construction of Phase 3 of the Coal Transshipment Complex was commenced in 2012.

Phase 3 is an expansion of JSC “Vostochny Port” existing coal production transshipment complex. It is a fully automated terminal for coal transshipment from railroad to ocean transport and includes coal storage facilities and treatment services.

Full-scale variant of Phase 3 also includes the construction of a berth with two ship loaders and a wagon discharge station equipped with two tandem car dumping machines, four supplementary coal storage facilities intended for concurrent storage of about 800,000 tons of coal, and two stackers and four reclaimers. The complex will also include wagon defrosting facilities and the requisite railway infrastructure. Part of the site will occupy a 17 ha artificially created plot of land. Upon commissioning of the full-scale variant of Phase 3 of the Coal Transshipment Complex in 2020, JSC “Vostochny Port” will increase its annual transshipment capacity to 39 million tons.

In 2014, the grading and leveling, land reclamation and bank protection works were completed for the Phase 3 site. The ongoing construction covers the main facilities (coal storage with purification plants), auxiliary and service facilities, power supply, transport and communication, water-supply networks and infrastructure, sewage and heat supply systems, landscaping and site finishing.

JSC “Vostochny Port” investment project is more than 80% complete. All the design documents have been developed, and all the requisite permits obtained, including the environmental impact assessment and “Glavgosexpertiza” authorization. The deep-water berth has been constructed and mechanical installation of the special purpose transshipment machinery that is capable of handling 3,500 thousand tons of cargo per hour has been completed. The facility will commence operations in 2017.

Phase 3 of the Coal Transshipment Complex is incorporated in the Free Port of Vladivostok within the framework of cooperation with the Far East Development Corporation. The project will raise 17.2 billion rubles in investment funding and create 619 new jobs.