Special Coal Production-Transport Complex

Specialized Coal complex with the system of conveyor equipment and rail-car discharge station handles over 80% of the total cargo turnover of the Company; it is over 17 mln tons per year. December 28 is celebrated as the Complex birthday because the first stage of the Complex was put into operation on that day in 1978.


Simultaneously a few vessels can be loaded near the pier of the Coal complex. Bulk carriers of over 180 thousand ton deadweight come alongside here. Four warehousing complexes of 600 thousand tons capacity allow stockpiling from 25 to 35 single piles and storing up to 30 various coal grades at the same time.


The Coal complex of JSC «Vostochny Port» is furnished with equipment and machinery made by the leading Japanese, European and American manufacturers. Four ship-loaders, rail-car discharge station with two tandem type car dampers, conveyor equipment complex, two stackers and four reclaimers, as well as various wheeled and crawler specialized machines, rail-car defrosting units, magnetic separators, crushing and sorting equipment.  This is only a small list of the technical infrastructure of the Complex complete with 568 specialists providing cargo logistics and operation of all equipment.