Port fleet

Automated, highly maneuverable and efficient tug-boats – these are the   characteristics of the Port fleet of JSC «Vodtochny Port». The Stevedoring company operates the fleet consisting of two powerful ship-handling tugs, two azimuth tugboats, and estuary launch.

БуксирPort fleet performs mooring operations both to provide operation of JSC «Vostochny Port», as well as for outside companies. Tugboats operate not only in Vrangel Bay but also in Kozmino Bay and Nakhodka Bay based on contracts. These services are always in demand of customers, since cargo turnover between Russia and Asian-Pacific countries (APC) keeps growing and the number of vessels calling at Primorye ports increases every year.

У причалаManagement of JSC «Vostochny Port» and «Managing Port Company, LLC » focuses on navigation safety and ecology in spite of the necessity to increase the Port fleet’s working capacity with modernization of this subdivision. JSC «Vostochny Port» uses only expensive low-sulfur fuel for Port fleet boats bunkering; this fuel essentially decreases emission of sulfur combustion products to air. A number of Port fleet tugboats can operate as rescue and salvage vessels, have assigned ice class and unlimited navigation area.  All tugboats are equipped with video surveillance system (a certain analogue of vehicle dash cameras).

ШвартовкаPort fleet tugboats do not participate directly in cargo transportation however modern navigation is impossible without them. That is why large stevedoring companies such as JSC «Vostochny Port» nowadays put their stake on complex development, starting with modernization of production facilities and completing with the renewal of the machinery of supporting enterprises.

Boat name

Main engines number power and power, kW

Azimuth tugboat "Ural"
2 х 2000

Azimuth tugboat "Kuzbass"

2 х 1566

Ship-handling tug "Taifun"

2 х 1850

Ship-handling tug "Engineer Misan"

2 х 926

General service port launch "Kurs"

1 х 110